Career and Life Coaching

For Life Transitions, Professional Growth and Personal Development

Achieve Your Potential

Create your life path with career, entrepreneurship or executive coaching.

Gain career direction with ability and career tests. Get the job with targeted job search and interview strategies. Increase job security by improving communication and management skills.

College Decision-Making

Choose your Best-Fit school and major. Learn happy. Work happy. Live happy.

Choose a college, major and career focus that fit your abilities, interests and personality style. Plan now – for a successful college transition, and a solid job outlook.

Life Coaching

Discover your strengths. Cope with life’s difficulties. Reduce stress. Live life the way you want.

Business Solutions

Strategies for business growth and talent management.

Gain critical business focus with customized strategic coaching - for today’s economy. Increase employee engagement and productivity with Myers-Briggs or Highlands Ability team building workshops.

Professional Speaking

Engaging presentations to motivate your audience.

Businesses, professional associations and community groups: custom-designed presentations for topics, such as: top careers, business success, work-life balance, personal leadership, communication strategies, positive relationships, and more.

Press Room

View TV appearances, videos, press releases, published articles and more...

Meet Marilyn Fettner

  • M.A., M.S., MCC, NCC, LCP
  • Master Career Counselor
  • National Certified Counselor
  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Fettner Career & Life Coaching