Struggling with career or personal challenges?
Does life feel off balance?

How can life coaching or career counseling help? To start, most people feel a sense of relief after sharing their concerns with someone who listens with empathy and without judgment.

Gain practical strategies you can apply now – and take the first step on your new path. Whether you want to find a satisfying career, build confidence, stop procrastinating, improve your communication skills or relationships, manage challenges such as ADHD, anxiety or depression, or simply gain more control over your life – we’ll help you get on track with life coaching and career counseling.

Whatever your challenge – we’ll work with you to clarify your needs, set achievable goals, and design a plan to help you go from where you are, to where you want to be.

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Meet Marilyn Fettner, LCPC, MCC, NCC

I’m passionate about helping you live your best life – both professionally and personally. I believe there is always a solution, or at least some way to improve a situation or ease stress. In my work of 24+ years, I’ve coached students, executives, career changers, entrepreneurs, and back-to-work professionals of all kinds, to achieve career satisfaction. I provide genuine caring, business savvy and personalized resources, to help you build a realistic plan for success.

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Client Testimonials

I was a recent grad with no clear career path. I went to Marilyn to find a career but walked away with so much more. Marilyn worked with me to find a career that I was passionate about and along the way she helped me build my self confidence…I went to Marilyn to simply find a job and walked away with so much more. - L.F.

Before working with Marilyn, my career had no direction. She helped me to define what I wanted out of my career – to identify my strengths and give me the confidence I needed to pursue my career dreams. And Marilyn’s interview advice helped me to land the job I’ve always wanted. Thank you Marilyn! – J.S.

I really appreciate all the useful tips and insights Marilyn gave me. I felt much more empowered and confident in the interviewing process, which helped me get the job. – C.M.

Before working with Marilyn, my career had no direction. She helped me to define what I wanted out of my career - to identify my strengths and give me the confidence I needed to pursue my career dreams. And Marilyn's interview advice helped me to land the job I've always wanted. Thank you Marilyn! - J.S.

I had read countless “how-to” books, but was unable to make any significant progress toward my life goals until I worked one-on-one with Marilyn. Her advice was extremely constructive and thoughtful; she let me set my own pace, respected my opinions, and helped me stay motivated. – V.M.

Thank you, Marilyn, for all your help in bringing about this new job. The framework you provided to discover the right career made finding and recognizing the right job much easier. Despite the sometimes challenging job news, I can claim it’s possible to be over 50, unemployed long-term, and find rewarding work without compromising money or position. – M.A.

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