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Isn’t it time to invest in your career? An investment in your career is an investment in yourself. But studies show that most people spend more time and money planning a vacation than planning their career.

Whatever your profession or situation, we have services & solutions for you.

  • Job Search Strategies: Have you been in job search for much too long without any results?
  • Execs:Are you an executive who wants to be on track for the C-Suite?
  • Women in the Corporate World:Working hard and sacrificing but still can’t break through the glass ceiling?
  • New Grads: Are you a recent or soon-to-be graduate? Can’t wait to be financially independent(and move out)?
  • Career Change: Are you miserable or bored….need to do something new or different, but you don’t know what it is?
  • Re-entry: Have you been away from the job market and want/need toget a job?
  • Challenges, such as ADHD, Asperger’s, LD or Executive Functioning? You’re creative and smart with a lot to contribute but have trouble organizing, communicating, starting and following through?

Clarify your goals and find your fit.

  • Direction & Decision-Making: You’re unsure of what path you should take…back to school, relocation, or transition to something different?
  • Work-Life Balance: Does work leave you stressed, fatigued or feeling empty?
  • Work Relationships: Are you struggling with a difficult work relationship or maybe even workplace bullying?
  • Passion vs. Income:You want to follow your passion, but you’re worried that you won’t make enough money?
  • Entrepreneurship:Thinking about starting a company or building a consulting practice?
  • Dreams:There’s something you’ve dreamed of doing…is it even feasible?
  • What’s Next? Although it’s notyet time to retire, it that time getting closer? How do you make the transition?

Customized Approach

We will help you clarify your priorities, identify your goals, and plan and implement your journey to your Best-Fit Career & Lifestyle.

My Approach: Realistic business-savvy blended with genuine caring and knowledgeable skills, to clarify your needs and design a practical plan with action strategies to attain your goals.

What You Can Expect:

  • Career and life planning strategies with many specific actions you can apply immediately.
  • Written checklists and short guides – included in your consultation fee.

Also – see our Package Savings Plans for savings on meetings and assessments.

6-Step Process

Our 6-Step Career Journey Process helps you manage your career development and move forward smoothly.

STEP 1: DISCOVER – Identify your success factors through exercises and/or assessments with guided discussion and interpretation, to complete your Best-Fit Profile.

STEP 2: EXPLORE – Learn proven techniques to find your Best-Fit in today’s employment market.

STEP 3: PLAN – Design your career plan. Your plan is the GPS to achieve your goals.  (How else can you avoid hitting a dead end?) Our Career Planning Worksheet helps keeps you on track.

STEP 4: MARKET – Position yourself with personal branding, astute job search strategies, and targeted marketing and networking.

  • Our 7-Point Marketing Strategy helps you claim your spot as a top candidate. 
  • With our Results-Networking approach you’ll learn painless ways to connect that fit your personal style, and how to get what you need from networking.
  • Nail the Interview – Learn to position yourself to your advantage. Amock interview identifies your blind spots and shows how you “really” come across. (What is your body language exposing about you?)

STEP 5: STRATEGIZE – Evaluate and negotiate your Best-Fit opportunities.

  • Make a Rational Decision about the Offer – Assess the opportunity to see how well it matches your Best-Fit Profile.
  • Negotiate Your Compensation Package – Know your market value & use your leverage.

STEP 6: ACHIEVE – with Executive, Job, and Skills Coaching

  • Fit in with your new organizational culture and identify the “power” players.
  • Excel in your new position with skill-building professional development.

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Distance is no problem with virtual coaching.

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