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Interviewing Q & A: What You Need to Know!

Q – How much time do you have to make a great impression?

While you might think you have at least 10-minutes and hopefully 60-minutes, studies show you really have as little as 1/10 second to a “full” 7 seconds.

Q – So, how can you best impress an employer in a short amount of time?

Our 3-Step Interview Approach gives you the best shot:

1- Prepare – Become knowledgeable about the employer and demonstrate how you fit their needs.

2- Practice – Get comfortable responding to commonly-asked questions, those specific to the job, and questions that are particular to your work history – per your resume.

3– Assess – Do a mock interview with an expert who can target specific tips to enhance your performance, and learn about your blind spots (we all have them!) that can keep you from getting an offer.

Q – How do you know if interview coaching can benefit you? Check out this Top 10 list:

  1. You’re interviewing but not getting offers.
  2. You’re procrastinating applying for jobs because you dread interviewing.
  3. You want to compete for an internal role; (don’t take it for granted you’re a “shoe-in”).
  4. Your top choices for undergrad or grad school require an interview.
  5. You’re pursuing a coveted board position or volunteer role.
  6. You’re shy or introverted.
  7. Your confidence is low.
  8. You think it’s rude to brag.
  9. You don’t like talking about yourself.
  10. You don’t know how to set yourself apart from your competition.

Don’t let your talent & know-how be a secret due to ineffective interviewing.

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