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September 14, 2014
What to expect during a job search #JobSearch–tms–careercarer-c20140911-20140911-story.html

Fall, 2013
Make It Better Magazine
How to make the most of your mid-career #Mid-Career

August, 2012
Make It Better Magazine
How to get a flexible work schedule #FlexibleWorkSchedule

September 6, 2011
Today’s Chicago Woman Magazine
Back to Work?  Where?  Why?  When?
How do you successfully re-enter the job market after an absence?  Follow this 7-step process with do’s and don’ts to get you back in the game.  

Make It Better Magazine
Advancing at work – especially for women #CareerAdvancementForWomen

August 16, 2011
Today’s Chicago Woman Magazine
Why You Need to Be the CEO of Your Own Career – and How to Do It!

5 Strategies to Navigate Career Success in Today’s Stormy Employment World. 

November 11, 2008
Appearance on Fox News Chicago’s Good Day Live

With unemployment climbing ever higher, it’s the smart worker who’s looking over his shoulder. Career counselor Marilyn Fettner has the five signs your job is in jeopardy.

YouTube Interview

Part One

Loren, of, interviews Marilyn Fettner, a career coach and consultant in Northbrook, Illinois. 

Part Two
Marilyn describes how she uses “Success Factors” to match job seekers with a desirable career.

Part Three
Marilyn explains how she puts career seekers in a “Best Fit” scenario.

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