Resumes That Get Results


Do You Need a Resume or Cover Letter That Gets Results?

  • Are you submitting resumes but not getting interviews?
  • Perhaps you’re a top exec and need a customized resume geared to C-Level, six-figure positions.
  • If you’re a new grad, you need a resume highlighting your part-time or volunteer work and internships, along with your educational accomplishments.
  • Maybe you’re a new entrepreneur and want a “company handbill” or bio, rather than a traditional resume.
  • Are you re-entering the job market after an absence and need a resume that presents the gap in a positive way?
  • Maybe you’ve been in a job for a long time and want to explore new opportunities. You require an updated resume with your recent experience, but one that also doesn’t date you.
  • Have you had a “spotty” employment history and need an approach that draws from your best experiences, to create a concise presentation of your background?

Resumes That Get Results

  • Include dynamic verbs and industry “buzz words”to describe your achievements, so recruiters can easily recognize a match with their requirements.
  • Effectively handle special situations, such as employment gaps, an excessive number of jobs, or a career change.
  • Are designed with your competition in mind.

Cover Letters That Get Results

  • Show you’re knowledgeable about the company.
  • Briefly refer to special circumstances, such as a desire to relocate.
  • Use a template, to save time, that’s customized for each employer.
  • Create interest so the recruiter will want to call you!

Our Resume Writing Qualifications

  • Certified as a Master Career Counselor by the National Career Development Association
  • Expertise as a career specialist for over 15 years, with hundreds of highly satisfied clients
  • Earned a Certified Associate designation from Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH), a leading global career management firm, and served as a career consultant with LHH for over 6 years
  • Experience as a recruiter, with extensive writing background as a published writer
  • Receive consistently excellent feedback on resumes from clients, recruiters and employers

Our Personalized Approach

We Specialize in Resumes – To Get Results

  • We recognize that each candidate has special attributes that employers will find valuable. Therefore, we use a highly personalized – not “cookie-cutter” – approach.
  • By understanding your unique achievements, we match your experience with key requirements of your targeted roles.
  • Our goal – is for screening apps and recruiters to easily capture your experience as a fit with the job requirements.

Job Search – Quick Tips

An effective search – besides using a dynamic resume – should include an organized plan and employ multiple search techniques, for you to successfully land a job.

  • Surveys show that only 2% – 6% of positions are obtained from online submissions alone.
  • Along with an effective resume and cover letter, targeted networking is a must.
  • More “musts:”
    • Focus on employment segments with active hiring activity and growth
    • Send the “minimum” number of applications per week, in order to generate a robust search

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