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YOUR 6-STEP JOURNEY - Gives you a plan to guide you along your path.
You'll make a solid decision for a Best-Fit college experience and major...
So you can be employable in a job you'll enjoy when you graduate.

 Available SERVICES are described in the 6-Step Journey and also listed below...

STEP 1: DISCOVER - Get to Know Yourself & Create Your Best-Fit Snapshot

  • Discover your critical "Success Factors" to find out which schools, majors, and potential careers fit best with your top interests, skills, personality style, values, and other key personal profile factors.

STEP 2: EXPLORE - Find Schools That Match Your Best-Fit Snapshot. Explore the Future Employment Outlook.

  • Gather information about schools and potential majors that fit your Success Factors and career interests.
  • Gain techniques and resources to "make sense" of the employment market.
  • Learn about future trends for industries and professions that will likely be in demand and offer strong job markets when you graduate.

STEP 3: PLAN & APPLY - Design Your Education Plan and Apply to Schools

  • Your education plan is your roadmap for future direction. It provides a flexible framework with a balance between exploring your interests and gaining focus.
  • Write your resume, personal statements and essays. Complete your application(s) and prepare to make your best impression on college interviews.

STEP 4: STRATEGIZE & DECIDE - Clarify Your Priorities for What You Want and Need.

  • Evaluate options for your Best-Fit schools, majors, or internship/job opportunities.
  • Gain strategies to make clear and solid decisions for your future college and career-life happiness.

STEP 5: MARKET - Summer Jobs, Internships & Employment.

Position Yourself for Success with Targeted Strategies:

  • Create a focused "Professional Statement" (your "elevator pitch"). This prepares you to answer the request "Tell me about yourself."
  • Write your resume so it shows how you match your desired internships or jobs.
  • Design a cover letter that gets attention and stands out with sincerity.
  • Use Results-Networking for critical connections to hidden opportunities (essential for people who "hate" to network). Use social networking sites and in-person meetings to build relationships.
  • Polish your interviewing skills - gain advantage with a Mock Interview.

STEP 6: ACHIEVE - Build Your Path with a Strong Foundation of Achievements.

  • Personalized coaching in key areas, such as organization, prioritization, goal-setting, decision-making, leadership, communication, relationship-building, or work-life balance can facilitate your continuing success.


Our step-by-step personalized approach offers these services for students and parents:

  • Guidance with the college application process:
    • Facilitation of harmonious working partnerships with parents and students
    • Staying on track with deadlines
    • Coaching and editing for college essays and personal statements that:
      • Are articulate and concise
      • Reflect your strengths, passions, and potential contributions
      • Are customized for your schools of choice
      • Position you competitively
    • Preparation and practice for college interviews, so you can showcase your achievements and determination with poise and personality.
    • Support and editing for an attention-getting resume of achievements that:
      • Highlights your top accomplishments
      • Focuses on what your top schools want to know
  • College Transition Coaching:
    • Guides students and families in navigating changes related to this life transition.
    • Prepares kids to handle new levels of independence with healthy choices.
    • Option to continue coaching via phone while kids are away at school.
  • Coaching for Solid Decision-making:
    • Guidance to understand your unique Success Factors, which are your: interests, skills, personality style, values, and priorities.
    • Understand how your Success Factors relate to your decision about which schools and majors will be a Best-Fit for you, i.e., where you'll be happy with the campus lifestyle and interested in the majors and activities offered.
    • Become familiar with how majors relate to different types of work and lifestyles.
    • Learn about "job profiles." These include the required job activities, skills, interests, values, work style, and environment. Identify which job profiles are a Best-Fit with your Success Factors.
    • Understand the relationship between job profiles, careers, and majors.
    • Find out how to make sense of the employment market and changing trends.
    • Apply key points of your Success Factors, any relevant family factors, and additional suggested information to making a solid decision about schools and majors.
  • Assistance and Direction for Part-time Jobs, Internships, or Full-Time Employment:
    • Create a focused "Professional Statement" (your elevator pitch).
      • Use it to answer "What can you tell me about yourself?" for interviews and networking conversations.
      • Your statement should be brief, concise and highlight your expertise and talents.
    • Write your resume so it shows how well you match your desired internships/jobs.
    • Design a cover letter that gets attention and stands out with sincerity.
    • Use Results-Networking for critical connections to hidden opportunities (essential for people who "hate" to network).
    • Polish your interviewing skills and gain advantage with a Mock Interview.
  • On-Going Skill-Building:.
    • Choose personalized coaching in areas such as:
      • Organization and prioritization
      • Goal-setting
      • Decision-making
      • Leadership
      • Public speaking
      • Communication, social skills and relationship-building

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