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  • How to Talk About Yourself

    How to Talk About Yourself


    When you get the question, “Tell me about yourself,” what do you say? Do you talk about your dog or your favorite drink at Starbucks®? If so, you can lose out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

     With this 2-page info-guide:

    • Find out what you should say and how to say it
    • Create a concise “professional statement” with our fill-in-the-blank elevator pitch
    • Receive 8 tips to increase your effectiveness and ease

  • Information Interview Prep

    Information Interview Prep


    An information interview (or networking meeting) isn't really a job interview…or is it? Even if it doesn't turn into one on-the-spot, how you handle yourself can make or break future opportunities. With so much riding on this, how do you prepare?

     This 1-page info-guide helps you position yourself as the “known candidate with:

    • 4 must-do's to prepare
    • 6 sample conversation starters
    • 2 questions to always ask
    • 4 questions to always be prepared to answer

  • Make the Most of Career Fairs

    Make the Most of Career Fairs


    When you’re in job search, your time is worth money. So, are career fairs really worth your time?

    Find out with this 1-page info-guide:

    • The most important step to decide if a career fair is worth your time
    • 8 ways to prepare – to make the most of your time
    • A checklist of 7 items to be sure you bring

  • Pre- / Post-Interview Checklist

    Pre-Post Interview Checklist


    How well will you do? Prepare to do your best. How well did you do? Assess how to improve.

     This 1-page checklist guides you through your pre & post interview performance:

    • 14 items target the major interview performance areas
    • Use it for mock interview practice or test yourself
    • 4 rankings show where you shine & stumble, so you can focus improvement on weaker areas

  • Start a Business - with a Backstory

    Start a Business – with the Backstory


    The chance that a new business will fail is 55%* in the 1st 5 years. Reasons include lack of planning, inadequate pricing knowledge, and managerial inexperience. How can you avoid being in the 55%?

    *Source: Entrepreneur Weekly, Small Business Development Center, Bradley Univ, University of Tennessee Research.

    This 5-step exercise takes your business concept from ideal-to-real:

    • 1st – Learn if you have what it takes to be a business owner
    • 2nd – Develop the 4 areas essential to building a solid business framework

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