Below are some testimonials from our clients.

“I was a recent grad with no clear career path. I went to Marilyn to find a career but walked away with so much more. Marilyn worked with me to find a career that I was passionate about and along the way she helped me build my self confidence…I went to Marilyn to simply find a job and walked away with so much more.” – L.F.

“Before working with Marilyn, my career had no direction. She helped me to define what I wanted out of my career – to identify my strengths and give me the confidence I needed to pursue my career dreams.  And Marilyn’s interview advice helped me to land the job I’ve always wanted.  Thank you Marilyn!” – J.S.

“I really appreciate all the useful tips and insights Marilyn gave me. I felt much more empowered and confident in the interviewing process, which helped me get the job.” – C.M.

“I had read countless “how-to” books, but was unable to make any significant progress toward my life goals until I worked one-on-one with Marilyn. Her advice was extremely constructive and thoughtful; she let me set my own pace, respected my opinions, and helped me stay motivated.” – V.M.

“Thank you, Marilyn, for all your help in bringing about this new job. The framework you provided to discover the right career made finding and recognizing the right job much easier. Despite the sometimes challenging job news, I can claim it’s possible to be over 50, unemployed long-term, and find rewarding work without compromising money or position.” –  M.A.

“My work with Marilyn began after a grueling period of unemployment. Additionally, I was looking to make a move to a new and very distant city. With focused determination on results, accomplishments, and honest self-appraisal, Marilyn helped me secure a great position in my chosen city. More importantly, she helped restore my confidence in my abilities, skills, and experience. I enthusiastically recommend Marilyn Fettner.” -S.W.

“Before working with you, my career had no direction. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, but I knew the job I had was not working for me. You helped me to define what I wanted out of my career. You helped me to identify my strengths, and gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my career dreams. Your interview advice helped me to land the job I’ve always wanted. Thank you Marilyn!” -J.S.

“Marilyn adds tremendous value to the career search. I had read countless “how-to” books, but was unable to make any significant progress toward my life goals until I worked one-on-one with her.” – F.K.

“You gave me the encouragement to make my idea a reality. I’m so excited about what the future holds.” – D.Y.

“Our time together got me started and low and behold someone tapped me on the shoulder. I was glad to have had your guidance and…I ended up in an environment very close to what I had envisioned through some of your exercises. I truly appreciate the insight I gained when we worked together.” – M.G.

“I needed someone to help me focus and organize my job search, and your credentials impressed me as someone with the expertise that I was looking for. ” – J.C.

“I’m so glad we spent time on the negotiating part of the process…it really helped and gave me a lot of confidence going forward….it made quite a difference in the final offer I was able to negotiate.” – C.D.

“Marilyn assisted me in creating a coherent and effective resume out of my complicated work history. Her advice was extremely constructive and thoughtful, reflecting her extensive knowledge of current trends in the employment market.” – A. R.

“I couldn’t let the day go by without thanking you again for your assistance on Monday and Tuesday with our Open Doors orientations. We were delighted to have you back with us to support our continuous improvement initiative. It really is a great program and your insights are so valuable to our students.” – Laura Picchietti Cox, Parent Volunteer, Lake Forest High School Open Doors Program

“I appreciate the assistance you gave me….it helped me go as far as I did so quickly. Thank you!” – S.F.

“Marilyn has an upbeat, positive approach. There’s a good flow of information, directed toward results.” – L.R.

“What I most appreciate is being able to ask questions and always getting a very clear, insightful answer, and sometimes with some needed humor.” – S.F.

“I can see where I have to perform more self-assessment work. Lots of good ideas and I must start implementing them.” – S.P.

“The resume writing was so extremely helpful to me!” – R.W.

“Being kind of shy, the networking planning and practice really helped. I was intimidated by it, but now I’m out there making contacts and getting referrals. It’s paying off.” – R.C.

“I felt like I was floating around, not getting anywhere until I wrote an actual plan. It kept me focused on who I needed to contact and how to get the information and connections I needed.” – M.J.

“The mock interviews helped me turn the corner in my interviewing. The feedback and taping showed me exactly what I needed to change. After that I started
getting offers.” – A.W.

“I never really felt comfortable negotiating offers. I wasn’t sure of how to do it or what to say. Marilyn’s coaching made all the difference. I got more than I thought I could get. It truly paid off.” – J.K.

“I was really frustrated and unhappy in my job. I knew I needed a change but didn’t know how to begin. Working with Marilyn encouraged me to think concretely about career possibilities. It’s important to spend time on the process, thinking about it and working toward a goal.” – F.D.

“Your techniques had such a positive impact on my view of public speaking. It made all the difference to my approach, of those once totally dreaded situations.” – B.G.

“One of the most valuable parts of your service was revising my resume to clearly summarize and highlight my skills and experience in relation to the jobs
that interest me.” – S.F.

“Thank you for your wonderful guidance, patience, writing skills, and ear!” – K.L.

“We covered a lot of useful information at each session, so each session was helpful and informative.” – L.P.

“Thank you for all of your support and assistance. It helped me focus on priorities and presenting myself in the best light possible. I was able to present my true self and not an image of myself. I am grateful and appreciative of your assistance.” – H.P.

“You definitely gave me a head start in the right direction. Thank you.” – J.O.”

“It was a pleasure to have you work with us for the After School – From College to Career sessions. You are a tremendous asset! The feedback from the students from last night’s session was wonderful. They were very glad they came, because they came away with much knowledge they didn’t have before. I think they had fun too! ” – Susan Bell, Executive Director, College Bound Opportunities

“Thank you so much for providing such good ideas for the students again this year. We truly value your knowledge… We continue to hear positive feedback from the mentors about how prepared they are and this just reinforces the importance of your presentation.” – Sarah Glynn, Committee Member, Lake Forest High School Open Doors Program

“Marilyn was a joy to work with. She was easily accessible and let me set my own pace, respected my opinions, and helped me stay motivated.” – V.M.

“I learned a lot about myself during our meetings and I’m committed to staying
positive!”- L.A.

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